Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

As the year is coming to a close, end of the school year traditions are once again taking place. Yesterday, May 18, there was an awards day that took place in the theater. For freshmen and sophomores, their event began at nine in the morning, and the junior and senior award day began an hour and fifteen minutes later. Mr. Bradford, the principal, started off the this event by speaking about Heritage High School being named an AP honor school for the seventh time and in three categories: humanities, STEM, and STEM achievement. After that, the first awards that were given were for students who had perfect attendance. Senior Shalee Thompson has had perfect attendance for all four years of her time at Heritage, and she said, “I do it for the award because it makes me feel like I accomplished something, and I never get sick. So, the times when I could have skipped school, I never did because I didn’t enjoy it. I know it’s going to help me become more punctual.” Also, different awards were given out for academics, and they were in several different subjects. The person with the highest grade in a certain class received a certificate as an award. There were also awards for physical education. For upperclassmen, some students were recognized for the Governor’s Honors Award. Noah Scott, Isabelle Hill, Bryce McDaniel, and Nicholas Moore are the people who earned this award, and they will attend a residential summer program at Berry College where they will work to improve their area of study. With the 2016-2017 school year ending and seniors graduating, this event was only one out of many meant to help bring the year to a close.