Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

Like everyone else, I’m excited and very ready for summer break to begin. It has been months filled with constant work, and now, there is finally an opportunity to just take a break and not have as much class work to do. Even for the honors and advanced placement students who have summer reading like I myself do, minimal school work is still amazing. For me, I’m able to typically travel to different places, and I get to do more of that during the summer. I’m going to be spending the first week of this break at the beach in Florida. Being able to travel, especially since it is soon approaching, is a great thing that I’m really looking forward to. It will be nice to take a break, and traveling has always been my favorite part about summer. That being said, like the majority of us, most of my break will be spent at home in Georgia. Even if you are just staying home this summer and aren’t able to travel, there are still many things that can be enjoyable. To me, the biggest thing is simply the relief of not having so much homework for a couple of months. It will soon be time for seniors to start college, new freshmen coming to the high school, and the rest of us having another year. I’m looking forward to spending the time that I can at the beach with minimal work.