Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

As we pack our bags and head out for summer or college, I have decided to leave you guys with a few words. While this year may not have been my favorite, I do have a lot of memories, like learning how to play “Dungeons and Dragons” or performing with the band. I might have had a lot of downs, but those downs never outweighed the good parts of the year. I am leaving this school an awkward sophomore and will come back next fall hoping to be at least a little bit less awkward. This year has taught me a few things, like how to turn a situation around or how to step outside of my comfort zone. I did color guard this year, which was so different from what anybody expected of me. They taught I would a join a small club at school that meets during lunch. I’ve grown as a person. I am more accepting of other people’s point of view. Don’t like your opinion?  Well, that’s okay since it’s yours and not mine. I won’t try to change you as long as you don’t try to change me.

We may not know what the next year will bring, but don’t let anything weigh you down. You don’t have to worry about a lot of school work, unless you’re doing the summer reading. Just think about this thought before you click off of this article. High school is only four years, and then it’s off to college and getting jobs and getting married. You only really get a limited number of days in these hallways, and even though some of you might think that it’s a good thing, you’ll miss it when it’s gone. It is only a part of your life, and then it just disappears.