Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

This has been my second year here at Heritage High School, and, naturally, it was much better than my freshman year. I was already comfortable in the school itself and felt like I was doing well in my classes. I’ve always had high grades, but this year, they were higher than they have been in the past; that was nice to see, especially at a time in school when scores are starting to become more important. Because of that, I hope to bring up my class ranking even more next year. Personally, I feel like my life has stayed fairly consistent throughout this school year. However, when I think through the entirety of everything that has happened, I realize that almost nothing is the same. I’m happy to say that the majority of those changes are positive ones, even though there have been some horrible moments in between the good ones. One of the best little changes that I made was simply cutting my hair after years of it being extremely long; I was happy to be able to change something for myself simply because I wanted to. For next year, I’m planning on being back at Heritage, and I’m hoping for another decent school year. As someone who has always focused on school work, I’m looking forward to being able to take harder classes next year. Before that, though, I’ll definitely be happy to just enjoy this summer with minimal work to do for classes.