J. Hanshaw

J. Handshaw

Jacob Hanshaw, Sports Writer

On June 10, part-time featherweight boxer Jose Haro climbed into the ring with Daniel Franco. As this was a title fight, it was being broadcast all across the country on many different networks.

In the 8th round of the 10 round fight. Haro landed multiple right hits on Franco, including one that landed near his temple, which resulted in Franco crashing to the ground extremely hard. Franco seemed to be fine a few minutes after the fact when his team members put him on the stool for medical attention; this carried on for a few minutes until Franco fell to the floor again and had to be evacuated by medical staff on a stretcher. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical examination and treatment. With the examination, doctors found an extremely dangerous injury. Franco underwent an emergency surgery to stop two extremely bad brain bleeds.

Franco was in a coma for a few days after the surgery but is awake and healthy now. With Franco back to full fitness, he was looking for a fight, and Haro was the man for the job. Haro accepted the challenge and started working out and training for the fight immediately. Unfortunately, while Haro was in the process of readying himself for this fight, Haro broke his foot for a second time which put him out of the running for the fight that was supposed to take place in Washington D.C. Jose Haro will keep recovering and getting strength back in his feet and is expected to be fighting again soon.