K. Davenport

K. Davenport

Kayla Davenport, News Writer

The 2017-2018 Legion of Generals’ marching band show is based on the American rock band Chicago, who have been making music since the 70’s. The three songs that are being played are some of the favorites of avid Chicago fans. The opener of the show, “Make Me Smile,” peaked at ninth on the Billboard charts and was the band’s first top ten single. The ballad of the show, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” ranked number one on the Billboard charts for two weeks, while the closer of the show, “25 or 6 to 4,” peaked at fourth on the charts, being their first song to reach the top five on the BIllboard charts. Many of the band students knew very little about the band before finding out the theme. One of the students I interviewed, Abby Harris, a sophomore trumpet player, admits, “It is definitely different than what the marching band is used to.” However, many of them also stated that they enjoy the theme and the music they are playing. When asked what their favorite part of the show was, most band students said the ballad, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.”

Thursday, August 17, was the band’s pinning ceremony, when they are awarded for the years they have been marching by receiving a star for the number of years they’ve marched. These are typically pinned on the students by their parents. For the members of the Legion of Generals, marching band is life. Veteran marchers admit that it has been a tough season so far, due to Mr. Callaway being away for the past few weeks. That said, the students are working harder than ever to make him proud when he returns.

The band’s pinning ceremony was the last initiation before their first game on Friday, the 18. The freshmen took the field for the first time in their marching band career, and the seniors took the field for the first time in their last season as high school students. In this new season, the 2017-2018 Legion of Generals marching band will accomplish new feats and make their teachers and the student leadership proud.