J. Hanshaw

J. Hanshaw

Jacob Hanshaw, Sports Writer

Cats. The rats of the pet world. Always getting on people’s nerves and ruining everything. As many videos of cats that are playful and nice, how many cats do you actually meet that are that nice and pleasant to be around? That’s right, you don’t. Cats are the mistake of the animal kingdom, and there is plenty of evidence to support that.

First of all, cats are the most inconsiderate animals in the world. For feeding them and giving them a place to live, you would think they would have a better way to repay us then peeing on all of our furniture. Also, all cats are bipolar. One minute they will crawl on you and purr, and the next they’re scratching and biting you for absolutely no reason. A lot of my friends have cuts and scratches all over their arms and legs; when I ask them where they got them from, they all tell me the same thing: “My stupid cat scratched me this morning.” Even cat owners don’t like their own cats.

On another note, cats are also some of the most destructive animals known to man. I can’t tell you how many couches, chairs, and other types of furniture that are scratched up and look terrible because of cats. They also smell terrible. As I said before, cats use furniture as their own public restroom, and they don’t care what anyone thinks. Dogs don’t do that, so everyone take their cats and trade them for dogs.