L. Gruenberg

L. Gruenberg

Lauren Gruenberg, Entertainment Writer

I believe that spaghetti is by far the easiest and most delicious meal that almost anyone can make in a short amount of time, and it will still have that taste of deliciousness. Now, everyone may not like spaghetti because of the sauce or the meat or even the taste in general, but it is by far my favorite meal. I love the saucy, tomato flavor and the texture of the noodles that fills my mouth. To me, there’s nothing better than being able to slurp my spaghetti into my mouth. For me, being able to slurp this delicious food is satisfying to the ears and to the mess that it leaves afterwards. My mom has always told me “the sloppier, the better.” Oh, how I have gone by that phrase.

My nana always loves to make her spaghetti; it is by far one of my favorite meals to have with her, although it’s not just hers that I like. I also like my step-mother’s spaghetti and my dad’s as well (even though the noodles go dry from not mixing the noodles and sauce together, but it’s still good). There is also Olive Garden’s spaghetti that is really good; they put a good amount of olive oil in it to have that slurpy texture fill one’s mouth and the tomato sauce is absolutely amazing.

Yet there’s nothing that beats being able to come home and make my own spaghetti. I tend to use Hunt’s tomato sauce and add a little bit of garlic salt to add a nice tasty flavor to it, and of course, I just use the basic spaghetti noodles. There is also the occasion that I put a loaf of garlic bread into the oven, just to have that “full” feeling in my belly and enjoy the garlic taste (even though it leaves quite a bad taste afterwards and the need to brush my teeth immediately). Eating spaghetti is by far my favorite meal, and if you are ever home and wish to make something quick, easy and tasty, I would most definitely recommend whipping up some spaghetti.