S. Wilson

S. Wilson

Rachel Body, Entertainment Writer

When you think of Friday nights do you typically think of the weekend, hanging out with friends, or football games? For myself, I think of football games. It is one of those many things I look forward to in the fall season. As a cheerleader, I get a little bit of a different experience than my fellow classmates. I experience the game from the sidelines, which you might think is a great view, but, being 5’2”, it’s very hard to see over 6-feet-tall boys in shoulder pads and helmets. Although we only get to turn around and watch the game very seldomly, it’s still one of the best things to be down there in front of everyone cheering on the boys.

One of the best parts about friday night lights is the pregame. Before the game even starts it’s already great. The cheer team always tailgates; usually we will have barbeque, Chick-fil-A, or even great homemade meals. We sit on blankets and eat and enjoy each other’s company. After we get our bellies full, we may go inside and finish getting ready. Some girls may need help putting on their makeup or styling their hair. We also put the signature Heritage “H” tattoos on our right cheek. After we are all game-ready, we will walk down to the track to set our stuff down and finish letting the moms take our pictures. Once it gets closer to kickoff, we go set up the run-through sign for the football players. My favorite part about home football games would be the General Walk. The Walk is when the football players get in two lines and walk from the locker room to the middle of the bleachers and down to the field behind our run-through sign. I know from where I am standing, it’s one of the best sights. The sun is slightly peeking down behind them as they walk, making them dark and shaded. It’s a picture-worthy moment. When the music plays, it sets the excitement for everyone. I know if I were a player on the other team, I’d feel intimidated. Once they run through the sign, it’s now game on!

A cheerleader’s main goal at a football game is to get the crowd cheering with us and to entertain the crowd. It really is a relieving feeling when fans stand up and cheer with us or the students section chants with us. It makes us feel as if someone is actually paying attention to us. Students and parents probably don’t see how stressful it is to us when we are trying to get the crowd to participate and they won’t. Next time you’re in the stands and happen to be listening to us, please participate. It will make your cheerleaders happy and it will get the boys (and girls) more hyped!