H. Poe

H. Poe

Morgan Terry, Sports Writer

It is time to sign up for our annual Powder Puff game! Powder Puff is one of the most fun activities we have here at Heritage. You have two options: girls can play or  guys can be a cheerleader. Either way, you will be involved, but I always choose to play. Last year, as a freshman, I wanted to be involved in as many things as possible, so I played Powder Puff. My team and our coaches met up around five times at the school to practice and come up with our game plan. The practices are crucial, because without them I would have no idea what to do on the field. They are also really fun, because you are practicing and having fun with your friends.

During the Powder Puff game, you compete by grade. Everything is very competitive by grade here at Heritage, so it is by no means a joke, and every team’s goal is to win the game! However, last year as a freshman, it was very obvious that freshman were the target, and seniors are expected to win. Some people may think that it is a joke because girls are playing football, but our teams will go to extreme measures to win, and we don’t play around. I have countless numbers of great memories here at Heritage, and Powder Puff is definitely one of them!

You can sign up to play during lunch, outside of the lunch room. This is the last week to sign up, so if you know you want to play, don’t waste any time!