J. Hanshaw

J. Hanshaw

Jacob Hanshaw, Sports Writer

Logan Lollis is a new physical education teacher here at Heritage and a football coach. Coming from Dalton to Heritage, Coach Lollis was a coach there for 4 years. Coach Lollis went to college at Shorter University, Columbus State University, and Kennesaw State University. Lollis received his master’s degree from Shorter University and pursued a career in teaching. When asked if he enjoyed being at Heritage he said, “Of course, this is a great school with great students and a really good atmosphere.”

Coach Lollis was very happy to talk about the football team and how he thought the season was going so far and how he expected the season to go. When asked about what he thought of the results from the games that we have played thus far, he said, “I am very happy with the way that the season is going so far, obviously. We’re undefeated. We could be better though; we haven’t been playing to our full potential.” As far as his coaching at other schools, he was blown away by the difference in player ability from Dalton to Heritage. “When I moved to Heritage, I was really surprised by the players and coaches,” he said. “They really seem to know what they’re doing.”