R. Body

R. Body

Rachel Body, Entertainment Writer

On September 8th, Thomas Rhett released his fourth album titled “Life Changes.” The new album is made up of fourteen different songs, including the popular hit “Craving You” featuring Maren Morris. A majority of the songs on the album have a story behind them and, as a whole, tell the story of how his life has changed, hence the album name.

In the song “Sixteen,” he sings about how he spent all his time at the age of sixteen wishing he were eighteen, and at eighteen wishing he were twenty-one, and how he’s now twenty-five. At these ages he was always wanting to do what the older people were doing and wishing his years away. The song is meant to inform others that they will make it to their ages and need to live it while they have it. At some point you may look back on how the only thing you “cared about was turning sixteen.”

Not only is the album called “Life Changes,” there is also a song on the same album called “Life Changes” as well. And as the title says, he talks about how his life has changed. The song starts out when he is in his college dorm simply writing songs of his own and how they are sitting on a Walmart shelf now. He speaks about his success over the past few years, his wife, and his two kids (one of his own and an adopted child). This song is dedicated to all the quick changes life throws at someone and how you can always see the best in it. The change might just be for a good reason.

There are more songs on the album that gives the listener a little insight to how his life is, which makes him different compared to other artists. Thomas Rhett comes off as a small town boy who loves his wife and likes writing music. I’m sure we can look forward to plenty more albums from him in the future!