K. Davenport

K. Davenport

Kayla Davenport, News Writer

Raleigh Lewis, a senior, is one of Heritage’s most interesting students. Anyone who has been at Heritage between 8:00 and 8:10 this year has heard her voice. Raleigh participates in the morning announcements, sports, community service, after-school jobs, all the while keeping her cool, unpredictable nature. At six in the morning, Raleigh wakes up to the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. She puts on her clothes, brushes her teeth, and goes to the kitchen to get breakfast. Oatmeal is her go-to for the drive to school in her 2004 white Tahoe (although she prefers the term caucasian).

Walking into school, Raleigh talks to almost everybody she passes. In order to make sure she does not get behind in AP Statistics, she goes into class at 7:30 to complete her warm ups before announcements. At 7:45, Raleigh refills the peppermint bowls in Ms. Teem’s office then crosses the hall to join Mr. Bradford in his office, along with Caleb Atkins. The three of them bring Heritage the news of the day.

During first block, Raleigh talks to her friends Annie Britton, Grace Beagles, and Brianna Smotherman. Raleigh admits that her first block is the most difficult class of the day. Second block for her is Team Sports. This is where she shows up her classmates in jump 21 and four square volleyball. During lunch, she eats with her good friend Grace Beagles in Coach Beagles’ office. For lunch she either has leftovers, or she drinks a protein shake. She has meetings almost every day for Beta Club, NHS, Partners Club, Broadcasting, or Homecoming. After her busy lunch period, she goes to Human Anatomy for her third class of the day. In this class, she likes to talk to Kip Reynolds, Hank Weldon, and Alyssa Craig. Raleigh finishes up her day at school in Weight Training.

After school is just as busy if not busier than during school. Raleigh competes in softball and track. Softball practice is on Sundays from 8:30 to 9:30 at night, and track is usually every night. For work, she mows neighbors’ lawns on Mondays, gives “hitting lessons” to younger athletes on Tuesdays, and is a nanny Thursday through Saturday. This keeps her schedule pretty full, but she still does her community service on Wednesday and goes to church on Wednesday nights. For Raleigh’s community service, she packs snacks for kids who do not have meals at home.

On days when Raleigh works as a nanny, she usually doesn’t get home until midnight. On other days, she gets home around 6:00. When Raleigh gets home, she usually grabs a snack or eats dinner, which is whatever her mom fixes. Raleigh does her homework late at night and sometimes very early in the morning. If she is done with her homework and has spare time, she plays with her rottweiler, Duke, or watches “Pretty Little Liars” on her phone or TV.

Raleigh Lewis is an amazing student of Heritage. She always has a smile on her face, is kind to everyone, and loves to make new friends. This is the life of Raleigh Lewis, a student who is clearly going great places.