M. Terry

M. Terry

Morgan Terry, Sports Writer

I know from personal experience that music can definitely make you feel better in many scenarios. Whether you are singing or listening, it can increase your happiness, as well as those around you. There is absolutely no way I could go a day without listening to music. If I am having a bad day, or am not feeling good, music always makes me feel like new. If I am sad, I usually listen to sad music; for some reason it makes me feel a lot better. I like to listen to country music in the summer, or anytime I am just in the mood for it. The best feeling in the world is riding in the car with friends, with the windows down, and listening to our favorite country music. Moments like that can definitely cure any sadness and make up for all your bad days and memories.

When I am working out at the gym or running, I always listen to either hip-hop or rap. It’s definitely a proven fact that when I have my beats at the gym, I get double the workout I would if I didn’t get to listen to my music. Music puts me in a zone like nothing else. It makes me feel like I’m a new person and that nothing can hurt me. When you are listening to your favorite music as loud as it will go, you can’t focus on anything else: all your stress goes away for a few minutes, and it is the best feeling in the world. If for any reason you feel you need to escape from something, I would definitely recommend listening to your favorite music.