L. Gruenberg

L. Gruenberg

Lauren Gruenberg, Entertainment Writer

So there is yet another popular TV series among teens, a series that really hits them hard because of how similar the show is to real high school life. This show is called “13 Reasons Why.” For those who don’t know of this first season, it is about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves audio tapes behind to tell why she did what she did. She recorded thirteen tapes, talking about one person in each tape. Each person that is the subject of one of the tapes receive all of them, listen to them, and pass it on to the next person who is recorded on the next tape. The tapes were given to Clay Jensen, who listened to the them but had quite a difficult time listening to them because he loved Hannah. He heard her struggles and seeked to avenge the horrible events that happened to her. In many ways, he did. By the end of the season, he is known by the people on the tapes to be trouble, and they want a way out of getting in trouble with the law. They had to give statements against accusations made against them (which all happened), and each gave an altered part of their story to save their own skin. In the very last episode, though,  Hannah’s parents were given a flash drive that had all of Hannah’s tapes on it. Season two begins with this question: “What will Hannah’s parents do with the tapes?”

Series of questions have been asked as to what will happen in the next season. Hannah Baker strategically planned out the whole tape recording process throughout the first season, but does she have something else planned in store? Did she know that there was a flash drive? Did she know what would happen to the people listening to her tapes? And what happened to Alex? Alex is one of the people that was talked about on the tapes, and at the end of the season, he is in an ambulance with a bullet to the head. There’s also Jessica, who was talked about on the tapes and was involved in a case that could change her life forever when she finally acknowledged it and began to tell her dad. Did she actually tell her dad? Will the person who ruined her be sent to prison? Lastly, there is another person from the tapes that was shown in the final episode: he had pictures of each person from the tapes, including Clay’s. He removes Alex’s picture and shows another scene where he has all sorts of guns and rifles! What is his plan? Did he have something to do with Alex’s gunshot wound? If he shot Alex, will he be on the hunt for the next victim?

There’s so many questions with so many people that are anxious to see as to what will happen in the next season. This series is truly a thriller and drama based one that makes people sit on the edge of their seat to see what will happen next. Hannah Baker may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. A question was asked in the first season and now again in the second: “Is Hannah Baker’s death just the beginning?”