R. Henson

R. Henson

Rowdy Henson, News Writer

When it comes to making a good superhero film, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not to be confused with Fox’s Marvel Movies, such as “X-Men”) is unmatched, but in regard to character creation and comic book plots, DC definitely has the upper hand.

Ever since “Iron Man” came out in 2008, the MCU has been launching film after film. and all of them have been fantastic. The complex plots weave in and out of the other movies that Marvel makes in a way that no other series of films could. The MCU has been building this elaborate chain of events that will all come to a head in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Each new addition to the MCU has brought about new questions and has proposed the next sequence of events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. It is truly revolutionary the way they have done this.

On the other side of the water lies DC movies, which have kind of sucked. I am hopeful that the new “Justice League” movie will spark the fire that DC needs to launch a good series of movies. DC’s strong suit doesn’t lie in their movies but in their comics and video games. The Batman “Arkham” series of games are some of the most entertaining, stimulating, and mind-boggling video games ever created. The detail and depth of the plots and characters is truly astounding. If you are a gamer and haven’t tried out the “Arkham” series, I highly recommend them.

As a whole, both companies have their ups and downs and their own strengths and weaknesses, but I enjoy both immensely. New additions of movies will continue to stream from both companies over the next few years, and I am hoping DC will step their film game up some to compete with the MCU. Watch both and pick a side.