L. Gruenberg

L. Gruenberg

Lauren Gruenberg, Entertainment Writer

One of my all-time favorite soft drinks to take a swig from is Mello Yello. This drink has a good amount of sweetness to it that isn’t too much or too less, but it also has a good amount of carbonation to it. I’m a very picky person when it comes to soft drinks, so I’ll complain and rant all I want when it comes to a drink that doesn’t satisfy my tastes.

That being said, I can not stand “zero” product drinks. There’s Coke Zero, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero, and even Powerade Zero. Powerade Zero tastes just like unsweetened Jello.  And yes, another one of those zero products is Mello Yello Zero. The taste is dull because of the fact that there is absolutely no sugar in it: in a regular bottle (20 fl oz) there is a total of 78 grams of sugar within it. To some, there may be a lot of sugar and yes, it is unhealthy, but it doesn’t beat the fact that it doesn’t taste the same and makes you never want to drink it again (for me that is). There is also the fact of there being no carbohydrates in the drink whatsoever. Therefore, sugar substitutes (not actual sugar) are added to the drink, but it doesn’t have the same taste as the regular drink. Within the 20 fl oz bottle, there are 78 grams of carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates add the taste of a regular soda, Mello Yello Zero does not.

I do not like to drink “zero” products because it ruins the original taste of the drink, so it makes the taste of the “zero” drink very dissatisfying. If I could get rid of all “zero” products, I might possibly do it, but then again there are people who like the taste of the drink like that. So, I probably wouldn’t try and get rid of it. Although I do not like the taste of the drink, I do not ever wish to sip from the drink again, I do not ever plan on taking a sip from this drink again. I truly do not like Mello Yello Zero.