Aaaaaannnnndddddd We’re Rolling!


R. Henson

R. Henson

Rowdy Henson, News Writer

The broadcasting class here at Heritage is by far one of the most popular career pathway classes available. Broadcasting is taught by a basketball-shooting, tennis-racketeering man by the name of Jeff Green. When it comes time to choose your schedule at the end of the year, almost everyone is scrambling to get in the class.The students in the broadcasting class are responsible for the Heritage Five Star News, which airs every Tuesday and Thursday. You can find the full episodes by clicking the link at the Heritage website.

The class offers you a chance to capture many of the special moments that happen here at Heritage on video and will also teach you how to properly work a camera. You learn what makes a shot interesting and how to put some pizazz on what would be a mundane shot. You also learn how to edit the videos so that they can be broadcasted on the Heritage Five Star news.

Any time there is a big event or a football game happening, the Five Star News is there to capture it all and tell you those sweet highlights. The reporters get to go around and get students and teachers opinions and quotes on things that happen to them or events they are involved in. The anchors get to sit at the infamous news desk and give the news to you straight up, just like Ron Burgundy. If you have ever wanted to have a career in this field, then this class is the first step in that direction.