K. Davenport

K. Davenport

Kayla Davenport, News Writer

Making memories is what the Heritage High School Homecoming Dance is all about. This dance is Friday, September 29. The students will love this dance, because it is not just another school dance. There will be cornhole, ping-pong, a DJ, selfie booth, and food. This will be fun for everyone who attends. This dance is from 9:00 to 11:00 after the game.

The teachers at Heritage are excited about this Homecoming dance. This will be the first Homecoming dance in two years. Heritage has seen schools nearby have very successful Homecoming dances, and they are trying to give the students what they want: more dances.

The cost for the ticket is three dollars. Students can buy these during lunch at the tables set up outside of the library. Students can come straight from the football game, or can just come to the dance. This dance is put on for students to celebrate coming home and celebrating the school spirit our students share. Even though this may be the first year for some of our students, they can still celebrate the new home they have come to love and enjoy. This dance is for students to honor the memories they have made and to continue making more.