Novella Long, Staff Writer

GJ: What is your favorite Halloween candy?

CT: Growing up we weren’t allowed to eat candy. For Halloween, we went house to house gathering candy. We would then have to trade our bags of candy to our friends in return for asparagus and Brussel sprouts. I guess my favorite was asparagus.

GJ: What is your favorite horror/thriller film?

CT: The scariest film I’ve ever seen is that Carebears movie where the one girl was super mean to the other girl just because she liked to play guitar. That one girl was pure evil.

GJ: What do you think about the General Journal going online?

CT: It is very exciting to think about the General Journal being read in nations around the globe. Now our friends and alumni in Sweden, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and all over can stay informed and entertained.

GJ: What is the best Halloween costume you’ve seen?

CT: The best ever was this kid in a Hawaii snowglobe costume. Very clever! I picked him up and shook him upside down. It was awesome (until the kid ran out of air and collapsed in the neighbors’ rutabaga patch . . . he almost fell into the koi pond).

GJ: How is the new classroom?

CT: It is amazing…so much room for activities! I could almost play cricket in here. And, it is a little more conveniently located.

GJ: What would you do to trick-or-treaters if you could get away with it?

CT: I would pick them up, shake them upside down, and throw them into a koi pond.

GJ: What do you think of all our new teachers?

CT: It is always good to get some new teachers. It brings a new energy and vibrancy to the campus. Plus, it means fresh fish for the pranksters (you have to admit that $20 for a season pass to the HHS pool is a great deal).

GJ: What is your Halloween costume like?

CT: I’m considering two costumes, but neither is working out. My “broccoli stalk” costume looks like Gumby with an afro. My “cell during mitosis” costume looks like a jellyfish. I may just go as a Nixon gorilla again.

GJ: How are your new students?

CT: I really like my new students. Most of them are students.

GJ: Would you prefer to have fall break back, or do you prefer it joined with Thanksgiving?

CT: I miss fall break. With basketball, I end up staying in town over Thanksgiving anyway. A lot of good memories of fall break: Disney Halloween Spectacular was cool. Oh, and one year my daughter’s diaper leaked out onto Thomas Jefferson’s dining room floor (we got kicked out).

GJ: What do you think of Instagram’s Hyperlapse app?

CT: I tried to film the decomposition of a deceased squirrel in my backyard. I got tired trying to hold the phone for so long and eventually fell asleep. I ended up creating a hyperlapse video of me snoring. It probably turned out better than the squirrel anyway.

GJ: Did you participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? What was the chilly experience like?

CT: I did accept the ALS challenge. It wasn’t too bad except the part where my kids lost control of the bucket and clobbered me in the head with a cooler.

GJ: What is your fondest Halloween memory?

CT: I rigged up a ghost on a zip-line contraption one year. People would come to the door and get surprised by a flying ghost. It worked well until one scared girl punched the ghost so hard that it fell onto the jack-o-lanterns and caught on fire.

GJ: How did you like the 2013-2014 yearbook?

CT: The new yearbook is phenomenal! Each year I think that the Legacy staff couldn’t possibly improve on the last year’s edition. Year after year, they keep proving me wrong. This year’s yearbook is better than ever!

GJ: What do you think of the fall musical coming up, Legally Blonde?

CT: I love musicals, studying the law, and blondes. This year’s musical is a can’t miss.

GJ: What do you think about the new Thespian Troupe?

CT: People’s personal decisions are their own. It’s not my place to judge. I usually get along with lots of different people from all walks of life. Wait….you mean actors? Oh, I can’t stand actors. They’re all prima donnas…so pretentious.

GJ: If you could create a fall/Halloween tradition, what would it be?

CT: I would love it if hybrid costumes would catch on. Costumes like Vampire Clowns, Werewolf Pixies, and Zombie Dinosaurs would be a scary/funny twist.

GJ: What is the best use for pumpkins?

CT: Their main use is as a form of torture. Year end and year out kids want to “help” carve a pumpkin. Then they go watch Jessie and leave the dads there slaving over the jack-o-lanterns. Their best use: throwing at the kids who watch Jessie.