R. Henson

R. Henson

Rowdy Henson, News Writer

One of the coolest elective classes that is available here at Heritage High School is the Graphic Arts pathway. The two faculty members who teach Graphic Arts are Mrs. Byrd, whose room is located in the band hallway right past Señor Green’s room, and Mrs. Fennel, whose room is in the Robert E. Lee hallway past Mrs. Sawyer.

Their classrooms are tricked out with tape murals and sweet posters designed by the students in the class. They also come equipped with three thousand dollar Apple computers. They are super cool with some big freaking monitors. Anyhow, when you take the first class of this pathway, you learn how to properly operate the Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign programs. Once you learn the basics of what each program is all about, you will be assessed on your skill and creativity.

The second level class is where you really hone your skills. In this phase, you practice with tutorials that will help you to expand your knowledge and to create an arsenal of tips and tricks. More projects will be assigned than in the first class, and they will also be of higher difficulty.

The third level class is where you become a full-fledged Jedi, and you are no longer just a scrubby Padawan. This is where you create and design posters for events going on at the school, sports teams, and for teachers. Jacob Hanshaw, who is currently in the third phase told the General Journal, “This class is much more advanced than the other two, so the difficulty and expectations are higher, but the quality of work is impeccable.” Another student, junior Haley Canonico, said, “I recommend this class for creative people who don’t like drawing and painting as much. It lets them apply their artistic skills in a computer-based class.”

In short, the first class is where you forge the sword, the second is where you sharpen and hone that blade, and the third class is where you wield that sword in battle and slay the bad guys.