M. Terry

M. Terry

Morgan Terry, Sports Writer

Ever since I was little, I always heard the saying, ¨You better enjoy life now while it’s easy.¨ They say that as if a teenager’s life is the easiest thing ever. By no means am I saying that adult life is easy, but it is definitely not right to discredit teenagers because of their age. Teenagers are working everyday to shape their life. High school can be really easy or really hard’ depending on your goals and how hard you work. If a student is planning on going to college, they have to work extremely hard in high school, so their GPA is as high as possible, and that right there is very stressful. In most cases, how hard you work in high school is going to reflect how successful you are at adult life. That is because if you do not care enough to work hard in high school, you probably are not going to care when it comes to your future job. Therefore, teen life is going to be very stressful because we are juggling many things, academics being one of them.

It makes absolutely no sense to me how anyone could be so ignorant by saying teen life is easy, when in reality it is everything but easy. Most people’s reasons for saying teen life is easy are because we do not have to pay bills, or we do not have to raise a family. Teen years are the years to learn and prepare for success in adult life, meaning you are working to be able to get a job to be able to pay your bills one day, as well as to support your family. Both cases are equally important to me. Without preparation time and learning the way of the world, no one would be as successful as they could be! The next time you hear someone say “you better enjoy life while it’s easy,” feel free to inform them why that is not accurate.