J. Hanshaw

J. Hanshaw

Jacob Hanshaw, Sports Writer

Many people think of soccer as a “weak” sport, or they don’t take the game seriously. Soccer isn’t like that at all though. It is actually a beautiful game with a very exciting side to it. A lot of the time there isn’t much going on, but when something extravagant or outrageous happens, it grabs a lot of attention.

With many of the games consisting of uninterrupted possession from one team and then the same from the other team, goals aren’t exactly in an abundance. When they come though, there is a lot of excitement and emotion. Many times the fans engage in an explosion of cheers and the players all celebrate. When the unimaginable happens, however, the reaction is much more intense.

There are many different opinions as to what is an outstanding goal. Some think that a goal from outside the box is an accomplishment while others require the ball to be put in the back of the net from thirty five or more yards away.  Many times the goals that are scored from distance or shots that carry unreal amounts of power are the ones that bring the most cheers from the crowd. Regardless of the goal, the crowds are always behind their teams through the thick and thin, another reason that soccer is an incredible sport.

The money that is involved is ridiculous as well. Some of the world’s best players get paid an absurd amount of money; some make over ninety million dollars a year. If you ask me, that’s kind of ridiculous, but they deserve it for all of the hard work they put in to become the best players in the world and to bring fans around the world quality entertainment.