L. Gruenberg

L. Gruenberg

Lauren Gruenberg, Entertainment Writer

In today’s society, a lot of people seek attention. They seek it when they’re lonely, bored, or even get so much attention that they ask for more. These people use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Sarahah, and more,  just for attention. I myself, when I’m bored, will post something random on Snapchat just to start a conversation with someone.  I see all of these other people posting stories for attention as well. Before technology hit, people would write letters or gossip with their friends, maybe even complain about their marriage and children to other people. Now with today’s society, it’s entirely different.

Nowadays, in order to get attention, people use social media. People complain about their relationships, whom they broke up with, why they hate their parents, ask for someone to talk to. It’s so much easier today to draw attention to oneself. We, the people, don’t have to put in as much effort anymore to look for someone to rant or vent out to. Why does all of this happen? Because people yearn for attention. Why? That would be because we all have problems and feel lonely and bored, so we want someone to praise us or dote on us or vent out to us. We all even like getting tons of likes on our Instagram posts to make us feel better. People in today’s society will always yearn for attention; there may be some that don’t, but for the people that do, they will always be the ones to post on Instagram or Snapchat. There’s no stopping it or trying to hold it back.