M. Petteys

M. Petteys

Josh Garcia, Entertainment Writer

“Oh, so you’re a band kid?”

I get asked this every time I tell people about the Legion of Generals’ marching show. There’s a stereotype of band kids that pretty much makes them seem like they are super weird, awkward, or maybe even annoying to some people. This may be true for some, but people would be very surprised if they just looked in the band room. The band is full of athletes that participate in sports like volleyball, baseball, soccer, basketball players, track runners, and swimmers. While there can be a stereotypical “band nerd,” there are also ordinary everyday people. The one section in band that most people like who aren’t in band is the drum line. It’s the loudest and the first thing people hear, and it just looks cool, you know? Being a member of the drum line is very fun, exhilarating, and entertaining, but it is also very time-consuming, challenging, and tiring.                                                     

At the end of the day, or at the end of the football game, hearing the loud roar of the crowd applauding the group’s hard work and performance is so rewarding. Percussion not only consists of the drum line, but it also includes the Front Ensemble, also called “the pit.” The pit is all of the auxiliary equipment and keyboards like the piano, marimba, vibraphone, and xylophone. They are always up front and center, so they are the first thing that the crowd sees when the band is playing on the field. The percussionists are the rhythm and the heart of the band that keeps the band moving and stay together so the music doesn’t fall apart. The drum line has the largest responsibility, but, again, the recognition and the experience alone is the best reward you could ask for.