A. Craig

A. Craig

Alyssa Craig, News Writer

Tea is a wonderful drink. From black to herbal to oolong, most teas are unique and great. There are so many benefits along with the nice taste. Many teas are proven to reduce stress when drank, and a lot of them also have antioxidants for healthier skin. Some are even shown to help reduce the risk of cancer! My personal favorite is jasmine tea. I really love the aroma and always feel a bit more relaxed when I begin brewing it. Some people claim that you’re not really drinking tea the right way if you don’t drink it straight, but I find that claim a little ridiculous. While there’s nothing wrong with drinking it plain, it’s certainly not the “only way” or even the “right way.” You can drink tea however you please. I like to add a little milk and two spoonfuls of honey. I usually brew it strong, but the bitter taste is just too much for me.

While tea is, in my opinion, best when brewed with loose leaves and served hot, I can’t deny there’s merit to the quicker methods like tea bags or even cold tea. Occasionally, I use a Lipton bag and just microwave water in a mug for a few minutes. It’s much easier than getting out a kettle, boiling water, getting the loose leaves into a diffuser, making sure it’s brewed long enough . . . Admittedly, it’s a big hassle for just one or two cups. Anyone who also knows me is well aware of my partaking in Arizona canned tea. It’s not great, but it’s tea and caffeine. Either way, hot or cold, brewed or packaged tea is just all around a great drink.