Rick Blaylock, News Writer

Approximately 150 high school students went to Lee University on February 2, through Saturday, February 3 to join together and sing. Kyle Hullander was picked out of all of these students to have a solo in one of the pieces chosen to be sung. Ms. Hamilton said, “Each year, all of my students look forward to this event. It is such a great experience for them to have a look at the college life and sing with some others that have more experience. Each year is great, and I already can’t wait to go next year.” Our honor choir is amazing, and it such a joy to hear them sing. Fifteen other schools were there to sing together, so I am sure it was a remarkable experience to sing and blend with other kids our age. Each year, the students receive the music beforehand so the directors and students can learn it before going. When they arrive, they can come together and just start singing. It is the same way with band. Each year, the band receives music then goes and performs it for other bands or with another band. Katelyn Jackson was quoted on the Lee University news site and said this: “Lee Honor Choir was definitely one of my favorite experiences during my high school career so far.” Each student loves it and cannot wait to visit the campus each year to sing with others.