H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, News Editor

As a junior or senior, the school allows visits to different colleges and universities for individual students. If you go on a tour during a school day, this can count as one of your visits. There are different college fairs and schools that will visit Heritage during lunch time throughout the week where you can talk to representatives, but this can give you more of a chance to explore more of these opportunities. For juniors, they can go to visit two different colleges during a school day during the year, and seniors get to go on three visits. This is especially nice during the application season, and for juniors, this is useful for planning and for the few colleges that accept applications so early on. Either way, it’s great to be able to do these visits during the week.

Of course, this is only if the proper form is filled out before you go. If you go on the school website, there is a version of this college visit form that you can find and print, but you can also always go to the counselors office here and ask more questions. These visits to schools are counted as activities, just like a field trip, so if it’s documented correctly, it will not count as an absence. That means that it will not affect whether or not you have to take finals for your classes. All that you have to do is provide proof of the visit, and this could be anything that shows that you were there, including conformation with the college.