A. Craig

A. Craig

Alyssa Craig, News Writer

It’s a high school tradition, not only at Heritage, but for every high school student in America. As far back as our grandparents’ time, eleventh graders have been receiving a class ring, marking a huge occasion in their high school careers. Class rings are simply a must for juniors! They serve as a beautiful and meaningful mementos for the years to come.

The sophomore class recently had a meeting with Jostens’ representatives to discuss what class rings are, what they mean, how they can purchase them, and how they can customize them. Jostens offers a wide selection of bands, stones, and insignias. From the style of ring to the metal used to the way the stone is cut, there are hundreds of options, some of which are even able to reflect your interests or hobbies. Pick the number of your sport’s jersey, have your  hobby carved into the ring itself, or have your initials on the front. Students are able to create a ring that really represents who they are. In addition to the famed class rings, students can also order class tags, class lockets, and class bracelets. The combinations are infinite!

Class rings really are a special keepsake. If you haven’t ordered one, you should really get on it. Jostens has flexible payment options and a wide selection, making ordering easy and fun. Underclassmen should look forward to ordering, and upcoming juniors should be excited for next year when their rings finally do arrive. The wait will be worth it!