A. Craig

A. Craig

Alyssa Craig, News Writer

Some artists put their name out there, wanting to be well-known for years to come. They want to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh. However, there are some who crave anonymity. Not allowing any personal information out in the public, there’s a Japanese artist who simply goes by xhxix or “Hi.” Nobody knows anything about this artist other than that he or she is stationed in Tokyo. Being exclusively known on social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram, xhxix isn’t what you would really call a conventional artist. He/she doesn’t sell any art nor does he/she even attempt to promote it. It’s almost a shame really because xhxix’s work is visually stunning and emotionally powerful, leaking with style and substance.

Typically, xhxix uses young men as models for his/her work and depicts them in a beautiful struggle with objects or certain motifs representing some sort of internal anguish or conflict. For example, xhxix often has the subject’s face obscured and covered with items such as ladybugs, stickers, beads, or food, among other things. Occasionally, there’s a fantastical or abstract element thrown in to add to the surrealism. The art is photorealistic, yet xhxix uses a very strange palette combination that makes the work feel otherworldly. In some parts, xhxix picks muted colors that almost look sickly and depressed. In other parts, xhxix puts in subtle neons and pastels, creating a brilliant contrast. All of xhxix’s art puts out a very powerful message which is left up for interpretation by the viewer.

While, yes, the art is made on a computer and is not “traditional,” it displays raw and gut-wrenching emotion and shows real technical prowess. There’s a debate on whether digital media can really be considered “fine art.” Personally, I think it definitely can be. It’s certainly not orthodox, but artists like xhxix prove art is more than just a bunch of aimless strokes of paint on canvas and deserve to be recognized for their talent and passion. Even if they may not want to be.