S. Shaver

S. Shaver

Sydney Shaver, Entertainment Writer

Everyday I have a conflict in my head: Should I use a mechanical pencil, a wooden one, or a pen? What are the advantages of each? What about disadvantages? Why should I use one more than the other?

Pens are great when you need to need to write something when you know how to spell that something. You can erase pen like you can with other writing utensils, unless you get those erasable pens that dont really erase anything but the pigment of the ink. Pen is usually easier to see when you are writing with it because it does have such a contrast with the white of the paper. You can also run out ink and not be able to the use the pen anymore

Wooden pencils have the advantage that you won’t run out of ink when you are trying to write something very important. They can break though, which means that you have to wither dig through your bag for a handheld pencil sharpener or walk to the front of the room and use the teacher’s pencil sharpener, which is fine, unless they are talking and you can’t bring yourself to do it in class. They don’t usually break as much as they get worn down from use,which is another advantage of wooden pencils.

Mechanical pencils are usually what everyone goes to first. You don’t have to get up to sharpen your pencil, you can just click the eraser a couple of times and boom, you can write again, but because the lead is so thin, it breaks a lot, which leaves you running out of lead and having to ask your friend if they either have the type of lead you need or another pencil completely.

In the end they each their advantages and disadvantages and maybe we should all just type our notes for class.