A. Craig

A. Craig

Alyssa Craig, News Writer

A couple of weeks ago, the senior class had a meeting to discuss all the planned activities that will be happening over the next few months leading up until graduation on May 26. All that information is on the class of 2018 Google classroom page if you’re a senior who somehow missed that memo. First of all, though, to do any of these fun activities, you must be passing all your classes and be clear on all the requirements for graduating. If you have any questions concerning that or anything else, contact the either Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Gonzalez, or Mrs. Sixto.

There’s a total of six activities planned for the senior class in addition to the normal ceremonies like class night. Most of them are just day trips to Atlanta or Chattanooga, but there is a big, exciting Six Flags graduation night event planned for May 4. It is the most expensive trip, made less expensive so due to the senior sponsors, yet it definitely should be worth it. Seniors will be leaving at 8 pm on a charter bus. Six Flags will be shut down for everyone but numerous graduating classes from different schools around Georgia. There’ll be an all-you-can-eat buffet, two party stages, DJ’s, and free rides! It’ll last until 3 am, making it an all night private party. All seniors should also get free graduation night souvenirs, so they can remember this trip as the years go by. It should be a fun, memorable experience along with the other trips for this year’s graduating seniors.