E. Schoenborn

E. Schoenborn

Emily Schoenborn, Sports Writer

The first Olympic Gold has been obtained at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. None other than United States’ own Red Gerard took gold in men’s snowboard slopestyle. Gerard is the first person born after 1999 to ever win a metal. This 17-year-old from Colorado won his gold by showing his incredible skills.

While all the other competitors were worried about the wind, Red kept going for big air to get big tricks. This lead to him placing last for most of the competition because he crashed on the second jump both times. However, Red sported a quite unique route for the rail section and demonstrated serious control, so the judges justly awarded for it. Even big names like Max Parrot and Mark McMorris didn’t do the same track as Gerard and instead played it safe. Parrot and McMorris were the Canadian juggernauts in snowboarding that were keeping Red off the podium, but the third round changed everything. As we saw before, Red layed down a perfect railing section, an impressive first jump, but he finally landed his front double 10. As Gerard flew into the air for the last time, he started to spin like a top. He finished 4 and a half spins in the span of less than 3 seconds! This insane backside triple cork 1440 has only been completed by 2 other snowboarders in history! Red Gerard is being compared to the likes of Shaun White, so keep an eye on this child prodigy.