E. Schoenborn

E. Schoenborn

Emily Schoenborn, Sports Writer

With the intensity of football, pace of speed skating, and precision of lacrosse, hockey shapes up to be quite a frantic sport. The fact that players can keep cool with razor sharp blades millimeters from them is a feat within itself, but having the pressure of maintaining the title of best team in the NHL is creates an entirely new layer to playing. Despite these high stakes, the Tampa Bay Lightning held their own and beat the Toronto Maple Leaves in Monday’s game.

The game started with Toronto scoring two goals and Tampa Bay putting up one. The Lightnings star player Kucherov slammed against the ice and sustained an upper body injury, so he couldn’t play for the rest of the match. Lightning got their revenge second quarter by scoring two back to back goals despite their loss. Toronto was able to put one more goal up in the third quarter to tie it up. Players pushed themselves to their limit in the fourth, but neither team was able to score. Shot after shot was taken, some went in, some didn’t, but the game was still tied on the third round of the shootout. That was until Brayden Point just took the puck and shot it hard into the corner, making shooting at above 70mph look easy. The Lightning stepped away with a great chance at the Stanley Cup and kept the title of top team, but the Leaves walked away with a loss and dread for the next practices.