V. Veal

V. Veal

Vinson Veal, Sports Editor

Everyone knows that when comes March also comes March Madness. I now see why they added the word “madness” because everyone is crazy about college basketball during this time. I can walk the halls of school and hear multiple people debating about who they think will win. Social media is also erupting in arguments about who is better.

The Final Four have now been determined and there has been much debate about how they got there. The Final Four teams include Loyola-Chicago, Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas. The most surprising team to make it to the Final Four is the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers. It’s a small school from north Chicago with a total enrollment of just over 16,000. Most people had never heard of the Ramblers until they made history with their winning streak in the tournament. They were seeded number 11 and have beat Miami, Tennessee, Nevada, and Kansas State to secure their spot in the final four. While Loyola-Chicago is the hottest team in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Michigan is taking the second place spot with their 13-game winning streak. Michigan has proved themselves in this tournament and are set to play the Ramblers in the Final Four. Many critics are predicting that Michigan will win this game, but the fan-favorite Ramblers are also a popular choice to win. The other game in the Final Four will see the Villanova Wildcats take on the Kansas Jayhawks. Both teams are seeded number 1 in their regions. This is definitely the game to watch because both teams have incredible strengths. Villanova and Kansas deserve to be in the Final Four and everyone is excited to see who will play in the championship game.