H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, News Editor

David Levithan is an all-around great author based on what I have read of his work, but some of his books aren’t as good as others in my opinion. “Every Day,” his YA binary-breaking romance novel published in 2012 that recently hit theaters in February, has a unique plot that allows readers to explore possibilities outside of what is written on the pages while still giving everything it needs from the plot. Despite the story that I admired, it disappointed with the language itself within the book. When I picked up “The Realm of Possibilities” at the library and saw his name on a book filled with free verse in the form of twenty individual, unique monologues that overlap in interesting ways, I was curious but had low expectations of his poetry based on my previous experience from “Every Day.”

He completely shattered my expectations. Instead of his typical style, Levithan attached his characters in unique ways while making it clear that he simply allowed them to take over his writing process. Characters maintain their personalities, and each of them behave in a unique way. He still has his dreamy and imaginative layer throughout the realistic fiction. The novel starts out with a reminiscing moment filled with strong imagery and relatability, but even if you don’t relate to the first story, there will definitely be one that speaks to you. Even though there are twenty varying points of view, this is still one complete story that connects the characters and doesn’t get confusing, which is a marvel on its own.