I. Shank

I. Shank

Cassie Case, News Writer

Pep Rallies here at Heritage are always a big deal, never to be taken lightly.  Every graduating class has a theme. As a senior, I think our theme was the best… We had a pajama theme, and brought air mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Juniors had a theme of beaches, sophomores took trash, and freshmen took the easy road with red, white, and blue. Everyone likes watching the dance team and cheerleaders do their routines. People go crazy over the games. Each class sends however many people to play. This week was trying to pop a balloon between two people. Sophomores killed it with a win.

Despite all of the fun activities the crowd comes to see, the number one favorite of pep rallies is the spirit contest. Graduating classes see who can be the loudest, and whoever wins gets to go to lunch early the whole next week. Sophomores may have been trash, but they weren’t as bad as they thought because they won. The sophomores will enjoy the slightly longer lunch. The rest of us will be jealous.  

For a freshman, they never know what to expect. High school pep rallies are nothing like they’ve ever seen before. It’s kind of a reputation they build to not be great at them, but that’s okay because they learn to get better. Even a lot of the freshmen I know agreed that it’s true. After asking freshman Emma Delaney, I gathered some of her thoughts on the pep rally.  She said the mood was energetic and she just did not expect that much spirit from high schoolers at the end. She doubts they will win a pep rally spirit contest this season, but is hopeful for the future.