H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, Editor-in-Chief

As usual, this year there are plenty of author visits set up, and the first approaching event will be on September 27 with this first author, Scott Reintgen. He is a former teacher himself, and he now has written the “Nyxia Tirad” science fiction, young adult series. He will be here at Heritage for half of the day, and during this time, he will speak to all freshmen and sophomores in the theater for about an hour. According to Mrs. Sixto, the book club sponsor who has arranged these events, she invited him to speak nearly a year ago, but he was unable to attend. This time, he will be speaking at the Yahoofest in Chattanooga on September 29, only two days after being here.

The next author will be at Heritage on November 7. Melanie Crowder is the author of many YA novels, most notably “An Uninterrupted View of the Sky,” which was the summer reading extra credit option for students this year. She will host a book signing in the theater and teach a brief writers workshop. Melanie will be flying in for the day and will even spend some of her time visiting various English classrooms to talk to more students. Both of these authors will be interacting even more with the members of the book club and the creative writing club, sponsored by Mrs. Sixto and Mrs. Tollett, respectively. Both clubs are still accepting new members, and the first book club meeting of the semester will be held on Friday, August 31.