H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Cassie Case, News Writer

Crazy, interesting socks have sort of become a fad these days, and, to be honest, I’m all about it. I don’t normally get in on the “it” things, but the sock thing is pretty great in my opinion. There’s no limit to them: low-ankle socks, mid-thigh, or knee-high socks. Amazing, I know. I’m not as big of a fan for the ones with writing on them, but they can be alright too. I generally like the ones with some sort of little picture on them. I think the best time to go sock shopping is with friends, so you can maybe even have an equally fun and crazy story as your socks.

For someone who loves crazy socks as much as I do, I don’t really have many. I only have eight pairs. I got three in a pack that I really like that are summer-themed and are pretty cute. I got those with some friends when school let out last year. I have some breakfast-themed long socks that have bacon, toast, and eggs on them. Those are some of my favorites, even though I don’t have much of an opportunity to wear them. My friends got me some for this past Christmas, one with snowmen and one with a cat on it. I got us all matching bunny socks that are really fluffy. The last pair, my favorite pair, I got at Forever 21 with my sister. They’re green and have tiny pixelated cows on them. If you know me, you know that I love cows. My advice: wear some crazy socks.