I. Shank

I. Shank

Cassie Case, News Writer

Dogs are scary. I’ve had a fear of them for several years because of my dog Banjo. It was really just one instance that did me in for dogs. My dad used to take him to get shots, and one year he needed my help. The previous year, Banjo apparently had a bad experience, so I was asked to help hold him down. My dad tied a rope to both sides of his collar and wanted me to hold one side of it. As soon as the man tried to get near Banjo, he went crazy. He was growling, barking, and trying his absolute best to get away. My dad told me to hold him down no matter what, but I was young, and that was a traumatizing experience. The man with the needle that terrified my dog backed off, and then Banjo was fine again. I was never a really big dog person before, but after that experience I wanted nothing to do with a dog ever again. My sister and I always fought over Banjo because she said he was hers, but he was supposed to be the family dog. After that, he was her dog. I didn’t want him or any other dog to come near me.

These days, I kind of look at dogs how I look at kids. Sure, some of them are cute, but most of them are little balls of terror. What are the chances of you getting one that turns out alright? I’d rather have a cat. Cats are great. They’re softer, more relatable, and just all around amazing. Who needs a dog when you can have a cat?