M. Patten

M. Patten

Makaela Patten, Entertainment Writer

Almost two months ago, in July, I got my driver’s license, and with the ability to drive came the ability to have a real job. I say “real job” because I have worked previously at RAK Outfitters, however, with my mom as my manager and having been given the job because she was said manager, I don’t exactly consider that my first real job. Also, I could only work if someone could drive me there.

However, over a month ago, I started working at the new Smoothie King in Fort Oglethorpe, and I really enjoy it. I was surprisingly given the job on the spot and began training a week or two later to prepare for opening day. Still looking for more people to hire, I recommended two people to my boss, my boyfriend and my best friend. Just like me, they were both hired on the spot. Opening day was quite hectic, but we all caught on very fast. Take the order, grab a blender, make the smoothie, blend the smoothie, pour the smoothie, give it to the customer, wash the blender, and repeat.

Though it can get very busy and stressful, I love my job. The atmosphere is always very positive, I love our customers (and know many by name now), and even better, I work with three of my best friends. So far, I feel like this new job has taught me a lot about responsibility and cooperation. I know that this is just the very beginning of life as a working woman if you will, but this has me excited to see what the future will hold for me, not only career-wise but life-wise as well. Now I can look forward to retirement.