C. Case

C. Case

Cassie Case, News Writer

Bullet journaling is something that I’ve been doing for several months. I don’t have much of a start-up story, really just liked some things I saw on Pinterest. If you didn’t already know, a bullet journal is an agenda, health tracker, a place to write your thoughts, or really just whatever you want. You have to make it unique to you for it to be a real bullet journal. I have made them for people, but never without making them how they want it set up. I am currently working on the largest one for myself I’ve done, but it is for all of 2019. I had a few that were no more than a few months long. Something unique about my books that I always do now is I print out pictures of things that are important to me, like memories, and I make it like a polaroid picture and put a little caption with them. That’s the journal part for me.

The layout for my books are pretty simple. I put in a page that introduces the book, and then I put a page that introduces whatever month it’s starting on. There’s always a calendar for that month. Generally, I theme them to go with the time of year, but sometimes I just make them whatever I’m feeling. I do a weekly layout after that, and they’re always different. I put the pictures on pages in between. I’m really not all that great at all of this as people seem to say; I just steal them off Pinterest. Drawing and writing in them is calming and fun for me.