H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, Editor-in-Chief

The origins of crystal healing can be dated back 30,000 years ago, and since then, records can be found everywhere from Egypt to China. Today, this practice is a part of everything from Buddhism to Wicca to modernized individual practice among any and all spiritual beliefs. A few months ago, I learned about using crystals with meditation for healing and balance, but after taking the time to learn more about this practice and the roots of it, I discovered that crystals are very different from my initial understandings of them. The first crystals that I bought were at Earthbound, bunched together in a brown bag guarded by plastic. They were unnaturally rounded and quite clearly handpicked by their qualities to sell to a less knowledgeable buyer, which also explains the pricing. (I still love Earthbound, guys.) With it, I accumulated four new types crystals: rose quartz, gray quartz, tiger’s eye, and citrine. When I bought them, I tried to go by practice and select what I was drawn to, but without any experience, I was only slightly pulled towards these.

Since then, I have added points, pyramids, necklaces, and bracelets to my collection, as well as Himalayan salt rocks, amethyst, quartz, and jade. The quantity of each different crystal has grown as well; I’m up to about five rose quartz pieces. I’ve read books and articles alike on everything from how to charge crystals to what essential oils work best with each one. This has led me to learn more about my chakras, practice daily meditation, and even seek guidance from a rose quartz pendulum necklace that answers questions. (It sounds insane – I know.)

Once I was comfortable working with crystals, I naturally formed unique bonds with each of them. They all have different qualities and purposes, and thus enhance different emotions and experiences. The longer you have the crystal, the greater you are bonded to it, but there are exceptions to this. When purchasing crystals, it’s essential to feel for their energies and strong connections. Sometimes, I find a piece that is very strong and much more intense than some of my others. Naturally, I’m more bonded to it because my desires align with what that crystal gives. This is also the reason why I am very protective of my crystals and who is around them; negative energies can affect the crystal.

To me, one of the most basic crystals is gray quartz. This is used to help whoever uses it to feel more connected to the earth. The darker that this crystal is, the more unnatural it is. That will affect its abilities.

Rose quartz is a personal favorite of mine. It is a beautiful light pink that I have always been drawn to. When describing it, I usually call this one “the lovey crystal” because the properties help all kinds of relationships. Specifically, this crystal fosters forgiveness by filtering out negative emotions like jealousy or hatred.

Amethyst is one of my newest discoveries, and when I accumulated my large, sharply cut piece from a cheap flea market shop (the best place to find all crystals cheap, promise!), I didn’t entirely understand it. This vibrantly colored crystal comes in larger sizes more commonly than many others. Its purpose is healing both mental and physical ailments.

I’m going to group tiger’s eye and citrine together for this one, not because they are exactly the same, but because they have similar effects. Both convert negative energies into positive energies, making the practicer happier and more confident. For me, tiger’s eye works better than citrine, but I know others who swear by its unique yellow and white color combination and aura.

Jade may be one of the most common pieces that I see. I didn’t even know that I had jade until I started learning more about crystals, but I discovered that I already had a medium-sized jade elephant. Alongside this, I have a new jade necklace that was a birthday gift. Like the symbol of the elephant, jade provides luck. It is protective and, though it doesn’t heal exactly like amethyst, has healing properties. In chakra purification, jade helps to unblock the heart chakra that is responsible for depression, grief, and fear.

The list goes on and on; I haven’t even described all of the crystals that I own. As a natural speculator, I doubted crystal healing at first, but it is now a great source of comfort for me and is a part of my identity, though small. Whether crystal healing is all a hoax or not, which I strongly believe it isn’t, it makes me happy and improves my quality of life. Research shows that the unblocking of the chakras, crystal healing, and, most importantly, daily meditation extends life expectancies and decreases both physical and mental health issues. For me, crystal healing will be a life-long practice.