M. Patten

M. Patten

Makaela Patten, Entertainment Writer

My style is constantly changing. Recently, I have been slightly obsessed with the whole boho/hippie scene. Slowly, I’ve been incorporating more stereotypical “hippie” clothes into my wardrobe like flowy pants, more natural colors and materials, loose clothing, rings, funky patterns. One thing in particular that I’ve been infatuated with are dreads and hair wraps. I have had many hair wraps as a child and I recently had, and combed out, one dread. However, my hair is very easily damaged (and is super thin on top of that), and I’m not exactly one for commitment. Nonetheless, I’ve still really been wanting one of the two. About a week ago, I started thinking of ways I could achieve either of these without having to commit to something permanent. (Knowing me, I’d get tired of it very soon.) That’s when I had the idea to make a temporary hair wrap, which I did.

I made my first one with twine and natural colored strings – cream, olive, burnt orange, and dark brown. With background experience of making bracelets from said string, it didn’t take me long at all and actually came out pretty cool. Unlike normal hair wraps which which are knotted into and wrapped around the hair, mine are made separately and attached to the hair temporarily. I make the wrap with a loop at the top. I take three small sections of hair (usually behind the ear) and put one of the sections through the loop. Then I braid the three sections, but only make the braid half an inch to an inch long, and secure it with a small band that matched the color of the hair I’m braiding it into. I can make them virtually any color, add twine, gold/silver strings, feathers, and charms. The best part is that when you’re ready to take out the hair wrap, instead of cutting it out or waiting for it to grow/fall out like a conventional one, you just undo the braid. This allows for you to change up how your hair looks, and prevent damage. Not only are these super fun for me to make, I’ve also started selling them!