C. Case

C. Case

Cassie Case, News Writer

It’s Homecoming week here at Heritage High School, and there’s lots going on. There’s something to do every single day this week to show spirit. Every year, students get to dress up to a theme, and the students who really put their best foot forward can go down to the main lobby at the beginning of first block for a competition to see who did the best job. Kicking it off Monday with pajama day, students can wear what they wore to bed, as long as it’s in dress code. Tuesday is decades day; you dress up to whatever cliche decade you choose. On Wednesday, feel free to dress like any character you like best. Thursday is meme/vine day. Go as any of your favorite meme or vine people. Friday is always Spirit day for us to show all of our school spirit at the pep rally

We have pep rallies for all of our home games and rival games, and we really go all out for homecoming. If possible, we generally go outside to the football stadium for it. There’s even a shopping cart parade. The band marches, the homecoming court has a golf cart, each nominee is with a teacher of their choice, and clubs decorate a shopping cart to roll around.

Thursday night, there’s a bonfire for students to get hyped up for the game Friday. The band, dance team, and cheerleaders are there to boost up the spirit. While generally forgotten about from year to year because of the fact that it isn’t very long, it has been a lot of fun in years past. The Heritage Generals will be facing Pickens this Friday night for Homecoming.