P. Johnson

P. Johnson

Paige Johnson, Sports Writer

“The Good Place” is an NBC show created by Michael Schur, who also created “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” He was also one of the writers for “The Office.” While writing for “The Office,” he played the minor role of Mose Schrute. Shur has been given a lot of credit for creating many great comedies. “The Good Place” is different than any other shows he has written or created. “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” were both mockumentaries, one taking place inside a paper company office and the other taking place in the Parks and Rec. department building. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” took place in a police department and was similar to “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” as well.

However, “The Good Place” is not even set on earth. At the beginning of the show, you are introduced to the main character, Eleanor Shellstrop, who is played by Kristen Bell. She opens her eyes, and a sign which reads “Everything is Fine” appears before her. Michael, who is played by Ted Danson, tells her she can enter the room and informs her that she has died. She reminds Eleanor of how she died and tells her that she is in “the good place.” Michael also introduces the three other main characters – Jason, Tahani, and Chidi – who were given the same speech as Eleanor.

Eleanor Shellstrop, who is the first character introduced, was born in Phoenix, Arizona and is an only child. Growing up, Eleanor was forced to rely on only herself since her parents rarely cared for her or even noticed her existence. While on earth, she was a horrible person. Eleanor cursed, would do things just in spite of people, and she was very self-centered and only cared about herself. She never put in any effort to be a good person, which explains why she is confused about being brought to “the good place.” Chidi Anagonye is another character who joins Eleanor in “the good place.” Chidi is a professor of ethics and moral philosophy, which he believes is reason he has put in “the good place.” Him and Eleanor are “soulmates,” and he is the first one to help Eleanor although he is resilient. Helping Eleanor is not the only thing Chidi is indecisive about; he continuously has trouble making simple decisions. This happens to be Chidi’s biggest fault, for he negatively affects those around him. Him and Eleanor remain close no matter what crazy obstacles they face. Tahani Al Jamil is introduced, and you are kind of slapped in the face by her strong british accent. She was born in Pakistan and was raised in high society England. She is very intelligent and was known for hosting many parties and fundraisers before her death. While Tahani did all of these great deeds, they are faulted. Tahani only did great things to attempt to outshine her sister Kamilah. Tahani is never appreciated or recognized for her work because of how much her sister is praised. This causes Tahani to become a bitter person, and her jealousy is proven many times while in “the good place.” Viewers are also introduced to Jianyu Li, who is a silent monk. We later learn that his real name is Jason Mendoza, along with many other plot-changing twists.

Although all of these characters come from different pasts and have a variety of personality traits, they always find a way to come together. Each season progresses quickly, and each of them end with a cliffhanger that will have you waiting impatiently for the next season. This show is loved by many and hopefully has many more seasons ahead of it.