H. Roberts

H. Roberts

Hannah Roberts, Editor-in-Chief

Who hasn’t looked at a shopping window lined with threateningly pale mannequins wearing scrubs and thought: “I wish that was me”? I know that I have—especially the one that I drive by on the way to school everyday. Sometimes I’ve even considered giving up my aspirations as a writer just so I could wear the renowned and blankly colored cotton and polyester blend every day of my working life. I might even wear it on weekends to look like I make more money than I do!

Fortunately for me and everyone else who strongly desires this as well, high school dress code kindly takes care of this urge. Whenever this feeling just hits me in the face as I’m walking down school hallways, I rest assured that my bare shoulders will always be covered in scrubs that will be provided when I come unprepared for life. Because of this, my boney joints won’t be a distraction in a professional environment that plays shark music every morning.

This preparation that school systems manage so well is also extended to formal events, such as prom. If there’s just too much skin showing, I’ll be blessed with a modesty blanket and be able to maintain my good girl image as famously advertised by Florida’s Stanton school. Of course, actual blankets are prohibited as they encourage inappropriate behaviors and rebellion of the masses.

I am eternally proud of my Heritage as a good girl, and without such respectable morality codes that align with the national theocracy, I wouldn’t have any hopes for my nursing career and my reputation would be permanently ruined.