K. Thornburg

K. Thornburg

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

The inventor of the iPhone, Steve Jobs, made billions of dollars from the making of this smartphone. Even with how many iPhones that Apple made and how many the company has made, people are still going crazy for them. Since 2007, Apple has made 18 different types of iPhones.

The iPhone has completely taken over the smartphone world. Everyone who owns an iPhone has always said that they’re so much better than Androids. According to someone I’ve interviewed about switching from an Android to an iPhone, they said, “The Android was more susceptible to viruses. That’s why I lost my Android. I like my iPhone better, but it’s really a matter of taste. I love how it’s super secure.”

In comparison of the iPhone and Android, there are many different features. The biggest difference in the iPhone and Android is the price ranges. iPhones seem to range in higher rates of money than Androids. The newest iPhone, the “iPhone Xs Max”, is now on sale for 1,449 dollars according to Apple ( The newest Android is the “Samsung Galaxy A7” and the price is 799.99 dollars according to (AT& The iPhone and Android are very very different. The iPhone has certain specks and the Android doesn’t. The iPhone has “siri” and “safari”. While the Android has, “google”, and “hey google”. The Android is different from the iPhone because on the iPhone we have something that is called, the “app store”. Android has a “google play”. iPhones “app store”, can get many different apps than the “google play” can.

Throughout 11 years, Steve Jobs and the company of iPhone has made 10 generations of iPhones. The very first one made was the iPhone 3G. There was nothing on there that we are used to now. We, in this type of technology, are used to a full touch screen with no button, a button with a fingerprint, face ID, a very secure lock, and a certain type of charger. Everyone in the years of the newer iPhones are so used to our greater technology that the iPhone 3G would be ancient to them. The most popular iPhone there is now is called the iPhone X, which has a full touchscreen and face ID. Apple has sold 41.3 million iPhone X’s in the past year.

Although the iPhone has made numerous sales and numerous amounts of dollars, the creator, Steve Jobs, passed away on October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, California.