C. Case

C. Case

Cassie Case, News Writer

Big changes are coming to Heritage High School. After Christmas break, our school will definitely have a different feel. The Board of Education of Catoosa County has decided that it would best benefit students to put in a helicopter launch pad on top of the school. Construction will begin and end over Christmas break. It will go in the area above the cafeteria and the media center. The purpose to this launch pad is to bring in animals, such as kittens and puppies, to help with the mental breakdowns of students caused by the stress that is known as school. Along with this helicopter pad, there will be a recreational field by the outdoor volleyball court for the animals. There will have to be a fence to go along the bushes, which will take the longest to build.

It hasn’t been decided which days the animals will be flown in, but it will most likely be on Mondays and Thursdays because we all need that push on Monday and Thursday; most people just cannot handle the stress of school and life coming together so strongly on those dreadful days. On Friday, people can get through because they have the weekend on their mind, but Thursday . . . Thursday always feels as if there is nothing that can be done to be saved from drowning. There was talk at one meeting of having the helicopters come every day to drop off kittens and puppies. However, to get this privilege, everyone in the school must sign a petition for the cause. The stress coming from students is real, y’all. This is all being done in hopes of benefiting mental health for students, so sign the petition to get the animals to come daily!