E. Delaney

E. Delaney

Emma Delaney, News Writer

Looking for live music, magic, fun, and scares? The city of Ringgold is celebrating its 12th annual Haunted Depot on 155 Depot Street, Ringgold GA. The program has been going on since Friday the 13th of this month; ticket sales are from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. each night. The dates for the Haunted Depot are October 12, 13, 19, 21, 27, and 28, so there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to attend. Receiving a 4.6 out of 5 on Google, the event includes a frightening Haunted House for $10, memorable Hayride and Bonfire for $3, eerie Ghost Tours for $7, or a combination for only $15.

There will be entertainment; each day a different artist will visit to perform live. Courtney Daly sang on the 12th, as well as The Band Raven the next night. For Love or Money will be performing on the 19th, Common Ground on the 20th, on the 26th Grizzly Fowler, and finally, Shani Palmer will perform on the 27th.

It also highlights magician Jaden Maxwell, who will present magic shows October 12, 13, and 19 between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. beginning each hour, executing sleight-of-hand, card, magic tricks, and more fantastic illusions. Maxwell’s production will take place in Patriot Hall, 320 Emberson Drive.

The Ringgold Haunted Depot of 2017 was an unforgettable experience for me, and I’m looking forward to attending this year’s. Having attended last year’s Depot and hearing about new additions and updates, I am guessing that this year’s event will be even better. The director has disclosed that renovations and replacements have been made to props, rooms, and frights that I, for one, am anxious to uncover.

Last year’s Haunted House ($10) had outstanding rooms, lighting, props, special effects, and actors. I left in complete awe by the thoroughly entertaining and unnerving experience, but I’ll leave the impressive details for the attendees to discover. The Ghost Tour ($7) was lengthy, rich, and lead by a skilled and effective guide who brought haunting realism to the stories she presented. An otherworldly sentiment was ever-present throughout the tour as the guide kept us engaged with eerie and intriguing lore surrounding the locations we visited. The Ghost Tour provided the group with a new, chilling connotation to the area of downtown Ringgold. There are hayrides and food able to be purchased at a bonfire as well.

There are still some volunteer opportunities available, according to the director of the event, but they are running out fast. If you think you would be a quality ghost tour guide, hayride driver, or other staff, call 706-935-3061.

Although the Haunted House is definitely too frightening and the Ghost Tour might be a little questionable for children, there are family-friendly aspects of the Haunted Depot that the kids can enjoy. The event includes facepainting, food, and the annual coloring contest. Participants in the coloring contest must be in kindergarten through fifth grade. The winner will receive an honorary ribbon and will have their picture framed.

The Ringgold Haunted Depot funds and is funded by the Ringgold Downtown Development Authority (RDDA). Their goal is to “develop and promote for the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities.” The proceeds earned by this reasonably priced event go this organization which fights to improve the Ringgold area, renovating and updating the city. Come attend the Ringgold Haunted Depot to make memories, have fearsome fun, and help the community while there’s still time!